Electrophysiological evidence for a general auditory prediction deficit in adults who stutter

The authors previously found that stuttering individuals do not show the typical auditory modulation observed during speech planning in nonstuttering individuals. In this follow-up study, they further elucidate this difference by investigating whether stuttering speakers’ atypical auditory modulation is observed only when sensory predictions are based on movement planning or also when predictable auditory input is not a consequence of one’s own actions. The authors recorded 10 stuttering and 10 nonstuttering adults’ auditory evoked potentials in response to random probe tones delivered while anticipating either speaking aloud or hearing one’s own speech played back and in a control condition without auditory input (besides probe tones). N1 amplitude of nonstuttering speakers was reduced prior to both speaking and hearing versus the control condition. Stuttering speakers, however, showed no N1 amplitude reduction in either the speaking or hearing condition as compared with control. The authors concluded findings suggest that stuttering speakers have general auditory prediction difficulties.

Daliri, Ayoub & Max, Ludo. (2015). Electrophysiological evidence for a general auditory prediction deficit in adults who stutter.

Brain and Language, 150, 37-44.

About rickyWburk

Ricky W. Burk, CCC-SLP, BCS-F, is a speech-language pathologist who provides in-home therapy for adolescents and adults residing in Tennessee and Mississippi who stutter. His career includes PreK, elementary, middle, and high school practice, undergraduate & graduate faculty appointments, skilled nursing, national & international consultation, private practice, and national & international speaking presentations. He holds the American Speech-Language Hearing Association Certificate of Clinical Competence, and he is a Board Certified Specialist in Fluency Disorders. He is the ASHA Continuing Education Administrator for the National Association for Speech Fluency.
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