Communicating with Pediatric Patients and their Families: the Texas Children’s Hospital Guide for Physicians, Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals

The Texas Children’s Hospital staff authors state that, “The primary reason for creating this book was to assist healthcare professionals in communicating with pediatric patients and their families, especially in difficult situations, thereby decreasing miscommunication, lessening patient anxiety and discomfort, helping patients and families deal with bad news and uncertainty, and improving patients’ adherence to management plans. The guide will help healthcare professionals convey compassion and empathy and improve patient satisfaction with the care they receive. Communication skills are increasingly being taught in medical and nursing schools, and the array of resources for teaching and for learning communication is also increasing. Communicating effectively and compassionately with children and their families raises many issues and requires a unique knowledge base as well as special skills. Relatively few of the current curricula and very few of the available resources, however, focus specifically on communicating with the pediatric patient and his or her caregivers.”

Palazzi, Debra L., Lorin, Martin I., Turner, Teri L., Ward, Mark A., and Cabrera, Antonio G. (2015). Communicating with Pediatric Patients and their Families: the Texas Children’s Hospital Guide for Physicians, Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals. Houston TX: Texas Children’s Hospital. Available online at

About rickyWburk

Ricky W. Burk, CCC-SLP, BCS-F, is a speech-language pathologist who provides in-home therapy for adolescents and adults residing in Tennessee and Mississippi who stutter. His career includes PreK, elementary, middle, and high school practice, undergraduate & graduate faculty appointments, skilled nursing, national & international consultation, private practice, and national & international speaking presentations. He holds the American Speech-Language Hearing Association Certificate of Clinical Competence, and he is a Board Certified Specialist in Fluency Disorders. He is the ASHA Continuing Education Administrator for the National Association for Speech Fluency.
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